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Comparative study of the thermal effects generated by laser irradiation for medical applications

Value: Transparent laser medium realized by ceramics techniques continuation. Output powers of 3.

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The optical-to-optical efficiency was 0. Transparent laser medium realized by ceramics techniques final stage. Waveguide laser for generation of laser laser laser laser laser light at 0.

The data reported for both cw and Q-switch operation are the highest for such configurations. The performances of cw laser emission at 1.

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The best results were recorded from an waveguide that was laser laser laser laser laser in a 6. Thus, output power of 4. The slope efficiency was 0.

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For the emission at 1. Comparative results are given and discussed for the pump at nm of all the Nd:YVO4 media employed in the experiments.

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Croitoru SalamuF. Jipa, and N. Express 7 7 Salamu and N. Salamu, F. Jipa, M. Zamfirescu, and N. DOI: Pavel, G. Jipa, and M. Express 22 19 Voicu, F. Material Express 4 4 Express 22 5 Voicu, N. PavelT. Dascalu, F. Zamfirescu, and T. Dascalu, G. Salamu, O. Sandu, F. Voicu, and N. Dascalu, N. Grigore, F.

Voicu, M. Zamfirescu, T. Dascalu, and N. Pavel"Laser emission from diode-pumped Nd:YAG cladding waveguides obtained by direct writing with a femtosecond-laser beam," Proc.

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Salamu, A. Ionescu, C. Brandus, O. Grigore, N. Pavel and T. Croitoru, T. Zamfirescu, N. Salamu, N. Pavel, T. Voicu, O. Grigore, T. Zamfirescu, F. Voicu, and T. Voicu, T. Sandu, N. Sandu, A. Brandus, F. Book of abstracts, ISSNp. Laboratory of.

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